• Accessibility


SWG3 is keen to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities and where possible have taken the necessary steps to meet customer requirements. Our staff will be happy to help you out to ensure that everyone has the best experience of the venue. 

Bookable Access Facilities & Companion Tickets 

Once you have purchased your ticket, please get in touch during our office hours (Monday-Friday 10-5.30). You can call us on 0141 337 1731 or email us at [email protected]  to let us know your requirements. 

Wheelchair users/Seating 
Where an accessible viewing area is available, priority is given to registered access customers and their companion(s) and is allocated on a first come-first served basis. We cannot guarantee that additional members of your party will be accommodated within the platform area at busy times. Where there is no accessible viewing area, staff will be on hand to accommodate your needs as best they can.

Guide Dogs
As an accessible venue we can accommodate guide dogs for the visually impaired. Please contact us in advance to enable us to accommodate your request.

Getting Here & Accessing the venue

The venue has metered street parking available. Vehicles can drop off and pick-up close to the venue entrance. Blue Badge parking is available in our yard during most events. Space is limited and is allotted on a first come, first served basis. Please arrange your parking by calling our office on 0141 337 1731

TV Studio
Our TV Studio is on the ground floor, which has an accessible toilet located nearby. The TV Studio also has its own bar.

Poetry Club
The Poetry club is on the ground floor with an accessible toilet and bar located in the venue.

Galvanizers Hall
All routes into this room are from the ground floor with a small set of stairs into the venue, or via the ramp. An accessible toilet is located in the Acid Bar which is the space adjacent to the Galvanizers Hall and is often the bar space used for events in here.

Our Warehouse is located on the second floor of the venue. A lift is available from the Ground floor to the warehouse. A member of staff will operate this for you. There is also an accessible toilet on this floor.

Full-Complex Events
Some of our events take place in multiple spaces. We will generally state that the locations of these events are in the ‘Full Complex’ on our website.

There are a few stairs between our Galvanizers Hall and TV Studio, which we currently do not have a lift/ramp for. This is still accessible by going outside and around the venue (staff and security will be happy to help you).

Acid Bar
Our Acid Bar is located on the ground floor of the venue with an accessible toilet.

Yard Events
Some of the ground in the yard is uneven. For accessible info/requirements for yard events, please get in touch, as these are dependent on the scale of the event.